Saturday, September 22, 2012

New platoon and 10,000

Well here is a new project. Russian motor platoon  #2! This time they are mounted in the very cute, BMP-2.
This odd picture means work is done for the year, more time for wargaming.

The model kit. Very poor quality, but its the best BMP I could find.

Not bad for a very impatient modeler with a low quality kit. I have top build two more and paint all three. I think I'll go for an all green scheme with dull light weathering. BTW I repainted my BTRs a few days ago.

I have since filled in the real bad gap in the front hull and under the doors.

A machine gunner for scale

A Trumpeter piranha for scale
 I guess I'm going to hit 10,000 pageviews soon, yes Gowan you beat me, barely...

I'd like to thank some of my followers.

First off, Paul, from plastic warriors for your unfailingly kind comments and advice, along with your awesome blog.

Gowan of course, my other very faithful follower, keep up the good-imaginative work!

Steve for your advice on camo and TOEs.

Austin for following my projects and your inspiring cold war stuff.

Al, thanks for putting me on "the list" :D

Wintrix for your inspiring FoF work and introducing me to the love of camouflage.

Peter, Paul and Remco for keeping Bennos running and the kind comments.

James Delson of Harold's Rangers and the Toy Soldier Company.

Eastern Funker for your kind comments and inspiring WW2 stuff, your the coolest Australian librarian I know!

Fitz and Rosbif and Phil for the inspiring Napoleonics.

Uncle Brian from a fellow modern fan.

Comrade Commissar, Tim Gow, Phil Broeders, Monty, Gunnar, Grumble Jones and Sam for the visits.

Thanks to everyone else for following and the visits and comments, keep coming back!


  1. nice work Ben and well done on the 10,000. I guess that ACE is a real pain in the A*** to put together, from all the negative + 1 positive reviews of them, S&S models does the BMP-2 and naturaly one of good quality, they also have the T-80 BV(on my list for Oronegro) and the BTR-80B and the Zsu-23-4 (also on the list) and of coarse many other russian AFV's which are either unavailable or only made by ACE

    1. Thanks Gowan. Ace is quite hard, but I do have to appriciate them for doing the T-72 w/ERA, and the T-90 and now the BMP! I'd like to see your take on the T-80, that sounds exciting.

    2. I have often looked at ACE models before, it is nice that they do so many russian models, but as wel all know it is the ease of build that has prevented me getting their cheap(ish) models before.... I am going to save up for a T-80 soon once I've got these figs all painted so perhaps mid next year.

    3. That sounds great. So which model did you plan to use, S&S or Revell? I've built the Revell but don't think I ever posted it, its a very clean easy build from what I remember.

  2. You're too kind.
    And you put in work on your blog, which deserves rewards.

  3. And what is that first photo of? Chickens? Pidgeons?

    1. Thanks EF! Ha! Paul got it before you! They are crab pots, we finished taking them out of the water 'till April 2013, so no work for me for a while...

  4. Cool post mate, love the progress

    1. Thanks Al, finished painting them thiz morning, still have one ,more to do!

  5. Awesome stuff Ben 10010!

    Hope the crabbing went well and the BMP looks fine mate.

    1. Thanks Paul, crabbing was not that good a year for the company, but I was invited back next season so it wasn't too bad! The BMPs are coming along fairly well.

  6. Congrats for the 10K! And also thank you for the kind words! You make me shy!

    Nice model, excellent build!