Friday, October 19, 2012

Not Much...

...that would be the answer if anyone asked me what was going on in my hobby world.

I'm considering moving on to "representative" wargaming (i.e. on a larger level with each figure representing several) in the non-Napoleonic era, such as the games by Eastern Funker, Al, Paul, Tim Gow and many others. The last time I tried this was in my very early years of gaming, I used the Revell brits and some Heller recast Germans. The last game I remember was Villers Boccage [?].

Anyway I've put together a small experimental unit of Soviets from the bits and pieces I've got left over, no more that command and a "platoon." Unfortunately I used as much "DI" as I care to for the rest of the month and this project will be realized only in spirit for a while.
The Company command. I don't think I will stress about the detail on these as much as I do on skirmish figures.
I've looked into the TO&Es for ~41-43 German and Soviet battalions and have calculated the numbers of figs and accessories I need for each and it does seem to be a tangible project. I'm thinking  Revell and the new Zvezda for the infantry parts, with PSC 45mm guns and heavy weapons teams for the support, for my Soviet battalion. 
Also the Germans: I'm thinking the Revell/ Preiser German set, and Caesar 1939 infantry, Pegasus mortars and Hat MGs for the battalion. 

I looked for some decent free rules for a while the other day and found one promising set: "Ten Rounds Rapid" from here. Free, simple, and on the scaled-down level I want: the companies are represented by infantry squads, something I've actually considered before. 

Sorry Eastern Funker, I looked for the PanzerFaust set but the 100+ pages were a bit too daunting (to learn AND print)!

On another note, I also experimented a bit with improving my UCP on some extra Caesar moderns I had laying about. I think this version looks better than my old version.

Anyway, if anyone has experience on this level of gaming, these particular rules or tips for the figures, I would appreciate your advice and conversation. Stay tuned!


  1. The game I play, "Panzerfaust: Armoured Fist" is 1:1...each soldier represents a single soldier, each tank represents a single tank. Hence why I have to have 17 Pz III to make a company....and I only have 5 so far (enough for a single platoon).

  2. PS Don't worry, it's best to start playing with just tanks, then you only need a couple pages of the rules. Half of the pages are army lists.

  3. Oops, I see now! But they do have that great based look I now envy. I guess most rules look deceptive like that, FoF is quite a good sized book, yet all the basic rules I need are on about five pages in the back. I'll have to look into the Panzerfaust set a little better in the future, thanks for clearing that up.

  4. good to hear that your carrying on well, I have got exams fast aproaching and the stress is starting to build, lets hope that my model therepy works, there is something so theraputic about painting little plastic or metal figures that you just cannot get from new fangled computer games :-) let us hope that future generations will think so also.

  5. Oh no! Exams! lol, I feel your pain. Strangely I've not had a ton of inspiration the last week or so but I think I'm catching back on, especially with the new project. Enjoy your exams and game, and hurry back to "real" life.

  6. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. I used to game a lot of Rapid Fire but generally I've moved down to skirmish level for table top games, seemed to have less abstractions for me.



    1. Thanks Pete, as I said, this is the first time I've done this with anything other than Napoleonic for years, so its all still relativity new ground. I'm still going to keep my ww2 skirmish armies separate so if the project goes terribly I can at least still use the tanks!