Monday, November 12, 2012

Hundred Post Review

Yes, it has been 100 total posts since I opened "Ben's Soldiers" in January 2012. A few of those were never published to the public, but I didn't notice that 'till I typed most of this, close enough!

I have gained either 42-39 followers going from my dashboard and feed respectively, has anyone else noticed something like that by the way?

I've also gotten close to 13,200 views!

So, what has happened other than me spending many precious hours sneaking around the world through people's blogs?

Projects Started (and not finished, yet...)
'42 Panzer battalion [only need PzIIs]
'42 Heer battalion
'42 Soviet tank battalion [need to finish painting, all else is done]
'42 Soviet Infantry battalion [based, not painted]
KSK "platoon" for Afghanistan [four down nine to go!!!]
U.S. Army Ranger platoon in BDUs [fizled out]
U.S. Army Ranger platoon in UCP [new project, seems to be going well]
WW2 Japanese Imperial platoon
One more 6mm ANA platoon
French infantry rgt 1812+ [~2/3rds done]
British peninsular Brigade [same as above]
Modern Dutch platoon [another very new project, about 2/3rds complete updates later on]
Modern French platoon [all the camo is done]
Modern British platoon
PLA platoon [ewe]
GHQ Al Qaeda combat command
Ultra modern IDF "platoon" [that one died early on]
Vietnam US Infantry Coy [I bit off too much, way too much]

This list is by far not exhaustive, these are what I remember right now, and others from my post list.

Projects Finished
T-55 platoon
T-72 platoon [for this and the above I have three tanks of each, I guess I do still need HQ tanks]
Stryker platoon [same as above]
LAV-25 platoon
Motor platoon, BTR
Motor platoon BMP
Syrian platoon 1973
Ultra modern Iranian platoon
Iraqi Republican Guard platoon, ~1990-2003
US platoon in UCP
SASR team
Iraqi National Army special forces team
KSK squad in Afghanistan
Delta squad in multicam
USMC platoon in desert MARPAT
USMC in woodland MARPAT
US Platoon in three tone desert
US Platoon in multicam
Georgian army squad
WW2 British para platoon
2x WW2 US ranger platoons
6mm ANA platoon
6mm ANP platoon
US platoon in UCP
Prussian Brigade, ~1810-15
GHQ modern US urban combat command
Bundeswehr Platoon

Same note as above.

Games I Have played
At least fourteen, I kept track of many of the and saved a 'paper' copy of the AARs, ah, good times...
Most of them were modern thanks to the great new FoF books series.

Books I've Read
[R=recomended, NR=not recomended]
Surtees of the 95th Rifles R
Harris of the 95th Rifles R
Costello of the 95th Rifles R
[I may have finished the above three just before january]
Rifles R
Task Force Black NR
Sniper Elite R
The Protected Will Never Know NR
The March Up R
One Soldier's War in Chechnya R

In Addition
I've joined three miniature forums and spent too much money : D

Thanks for looking and feel free to recommend my next projects from the "unfinished" list. I need to finish my UCP rangers, the Dutch then the British first though.


  1. Congrats Ben. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Phil, your one of my earliest followers. I appreciated your visits and kind comments. Probably the Dutch and/or UCP rangers are up next, stay tuned!

  2. Good work- nice to see you have finished more than you have started.



    1. Thanks Pete, I'm trying to get there. I guess I should finish all these before I start something else though.

  3. good work Ben you have passed the milestone :-) well I cannot wait for the next 100. sounds like you have plenty of material still to go before you need to get some more. well best of luck for the future!

    1. Well, I'm officially between 90 and 100, notice I pointed out my mistake in the first paragraph, argh! I do have a LOT to finish the Dutch will up later!