Sunday, March 31, 2013

Micro Armor

These are from the Al Qaeda/Mujahideen combat command that I bought in October. I didn't have a use for them in the past, but just the other day decided to paint them up in a Cold War Soviet style. 
Long story short I painted a platoon of infantry to go along and now want some NATO stuff. We'll see what comes of this project after tax time..............................

I absolutely love these! I added the aerials from fishing line. They are a bit too thick, but are a nice touch nonetheless.

Happy Easter folks!
I'm thankful today that God rose from the dead and remains real in my life.


  1. happy Easter. I love the little tanks. great work and best of luck with whatever your working on at this moment or planing to work on in the future.

  2. Great looking vehicles!

  3. Thank you Gowan and Phil!
    You both are too kind, I have trouble getting a good result with figures this small.
    @ Gowan, I hope for a small mechanized unit of US Infantry. I'm not sure how far I'll get though.