Friday, May 23, 2014


First of all, thank you Steven at Sound Officer's Call for listing me as a favorite blog! Yours has been a favorite of mine over the years as well; your rate of figure processing and level of detail have been a motivator to me more than once!

I decided to choose four of the blogs that seem to less attention than they deserve, which I think is what this award is all about.

First off is Troop of Shewe. This blog is run by an extremely talented modeler/wargamer who regularly works commissions for other gamers. I can't vouch for his business as I have never dealt with him, but the style of his finished products is the level I strive to reach some day.

Next is Working on Lead Mountain. I only recently found this site through a forum, but have found much inspiration looking through the archives, especially Richard's WW2 subjects.

My third choice is "Plastic Armies", by Michel in France. This gentleman achieves a truly impressive level of output of a wide range of figure and vehicle types periods, and has been a long time follower of my site.

Finally, I choose Rifles and Muskets by "Black Guardian." His sculpting skills have reached a very impressive level, and he is in the process of lining up production and sale of his work, so our support could encourage some new Modern figures to enter the market, which is always a good thing!