Friday, January 6, 2012

Making Syrians.

I am now making some Syrian infantry for the 1973 October War in Israel. There is no set of
Syrian infantry so I had to convert. The tan figure is from the Revell  WWII Soviet set and has the correct helmet, the grey figures are Imex NKPA figures with the wrong headgear but correct weapons

The next step was to remove the heads from both sets, an easy task with a sharp blade.

I then used 5 minute epoxy to attach the heads to the NKPA figures.

The final result, after some Model Master paint from a chance find reference plate on Google, Arab-Israeli conflict.


  1. Nice Blog mate, link added

  2. Brilliant idea! They look fantastic! The Imex NKPA figures are an excellent bias for lots of converting. Adding you as a link.

    1. Thanks, they look better in real life, the paint looks kind of glossy here. The only real trouble is with the heavy weapons, the set did not come with a satisfying MG.