Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Rules!

I just finished writing a new set of WWII rules yesterday, just in time to test them on some freshly painted Germans and U.S Rangers. There was a subconscious revelation to me as I watched parts of Rhineland and parts of Band of Brothers, and read up on small unit tactics, that firing a rifle was not as much about hitting and destroying a target as it was pinning the target down so others could advance. My new rules reflect this pretty nicely by allowing infantry to lie in cover and receive great benefits as protection from fire, they just can't return fire or move. Well, you may say, this is nothing new, same old, same old. WELL I respond to that by saying it's new to me.                                    The game I tested it on went pretty badly for the brave Rangers, the fire support worked perfectly, MG teams firing from cover, thus pinning two German squads. It wasn't enough though, the Rangers came under fire form other units and were terribly mangled. Perhaps I will have pictures up later.

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