Saturday, February 4, 2012

A New Buy!

Yesterday I had the chance to browse the semi-local HobbyTown  USA shop. They have a few of the newest HO figures, but my main focus lately in their shop is their plastic kits. They have hundreds of them. After browsing for a few minutes (I think they were minutes, time flies when your hobby shopping) I was in despair as to what kit to buy: Dragon Buffalo; Hasegawa infantry vehicle set; Dragon Marder; Italeri Sherman, and many more. I finally decided to pull out the kit of Dragon Sd Kfz 222. And what did my wandering eyes behold? but a little sticker saying "1+1, two kits inside." Wowzer! I had decided. After looking at them in impatient agony in the long ride home. I quickly built them last night and finished painting them this morning. Enjoy. Note I added some shading to the picture via Picasa, it really helps bring the detail out.

Hat Tankriders and tank crew. Although I have now respect for Nazi's, I do feel sorry for the crew inside this tiny thing.

A weird cat who does not wargame.

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