Friday, February 24, 2012


The RCW figures I had ordered got here yesterday. Zvezda WWI Russians; Hat Napoleonic Russian  militia; Red Box Boxer Rebellion Civilians.
Beautifully detailed; comes with one officer and an MG; very nice lively but useful poses; BUT a little too large (25.5mm according to PSR), and all but one pose I think, requires assembly.
Red Box
Very neat set. Nice poses; useful for many eras; but poorly sculpted, the faces are almost flat, lumpy, blobs with some details merely scribed on.
Cool figures; nice poses, nice variety. Too large and clunky, like many metal wargames figures.

Overall nice figures. I have painted all  but the flag bearer and officer in the Zvezda set. A few of the civilians have been graced by the brush. I am too worried about the size and sculpting of the Hat set to paint them yet.

One sprue (?) of the Zvezda set.

Two Zvezda Whites battle a Red dude, the Red paint scheme came from a magazine, not sure of it is accurate but it looks neat.

Some of the Red Box set.

Here are some conversions of Terek Cossacks that I have had for a while.

Running head shot with a pistol=pretty good!

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