Saturday, October 6, 2012

Next project.

Yesterday I placed another order with the best toy soldier company in the world. This time in a area in which I've never delved! The PLA and the modern French!

The French look like a very nice set, well kinda...
The overall sculpting looks nice and well detailed as is the pose selection. I think I will have to delve into my bits box to find some different legs for some torso transplants, plus some within the set, such as the two rifleman poses which can be switched.
The TO&E I'm going to use is from the FoF book and seems fairly straight forward with a AT squad and two rifle squads per platoon. The rifle squads contain, I believe, two different fireteams such as 200m and 600m, if I recall correctly.
Here is the French page from army recognition which has some good info.
I plan on painting the CE pattern which is used in Afghanistan and Europe.

Plastic soldier review

Plastic soldier review

A couple Frenchies in Afghanistan, ARMY RECOGNITION photo

I've found this thread to be very helpful for the PLA unit. I ordered three sets which with conversions and modifications will yield a platoon.

Since there are so few poses I think I will try for some basic conversions just for a little variety, such as torso transplants on different legs.

For uniforms, this page of a wretched forum has some good references.
I plan on using the type 07 camo below: I imagine it will be a breeze to paint, at least much easier than the woodland type they used earlier.

Army Recognition has a good page with some useful reference pics that I'm using.

Plastic soldier review

The camo I'm doing, from camopedia, duh!
ARMY RECOGNITION photo. Showing the brown-dominant version of type 07, alongside the old woodland


  1. cool project! cant wait to see the french! the chinese will be intertesting, still I guess they will be enemies for your americans.

    1. Thanks Gowan, I'm actually pretty excited about these, one of the few modern sets I've always looked at but never bought!

      The Chinese will probably be used against my US guys, but then there is Somalia which is a real life conflict, then some made up ones: S. Korea, Alaska, maybe New Zealand...

      Winttrix did some nice French a while back, maybe you could have a look at them.

    2. New Zealand eh??? sonds nice I guess they would be good however perhaps the New Zealand SAS would be better figs to paint up. Also conflict in New Zealand might not actually be to far fetched in the future, if speculation as to New Zealand having the second largest oil reserves proves correct, New Zealand could feel the anger of an oild thirsty superpower in need of supplies for war.

      if NZ decended into chaos I would try my hardest to survive and if I got the chance get back to england before all hell broke loose.

    3. Oil thirsty superpower sounds more like the US! Hopefully we don't invade NZ in the near future though, of corse we may choose to if we don't decide to use our own oil and things don't calm down in the rest of the world...

  2. Sounds like a really nice project Ben! Looking forward how the cammo will come out on the figures!


    1. Thanks Peter, I'm looking forward to this project as well! I am worried about the french camo though, it looks kind of complex, I'll have to do a few more test figures I guess. Thanks for the kind comments!

  3. It's a shame that the French and PLA did not receive their own, dedicated sets. Unfortunately I don't know a whole lot about modern warfare, but the figures included in this set have character - Caesar always does a nice job. Good luck with the painting and conversions.

  4. Thanks comrade, it is a shame, but on the bright side, I get a good excuse to buy three sets!
    You should get into modern war, its a very nice period: a very action packed, fast paced but realistic game can be set on just a 2 or 3ft square area with only five or so figures on each side. Or you can put a whole company on the table with tanks and an entire city, either way, I've grown to love it!