Sunday, March 10, 2013

Comparisons between Orion, Elhiem, and Elhiem converted

I have been interested in how these metals compare to my plastic armies in the past, so I thought I would show them here for others who are as tempted as I.

L-R: Orion; Elhiem with a Zvezda head; a Chechen conversion from RedBox

L-R: Elhiem; Elhiem converted; Orion


  1. ah they look good. Elhiem a bit short? but even so within normal human height range. anyway they are great looking.

    Note to self... get Russians/Soviets and a T-90 in the future... OK there's my shopping list for this year done.

  2. Thanks. They aren't noticeably short, I think it looks that way because most of the Elhiem guys are slightly bent over, running.
    nice shopping list!!!

    1. yeah I think that the list might get longer... it always does... but for now I have only thought of one thing to add since this morning. a shilka zsu-23-4 because I like the looks of it and it has both anti-air and anti-personnel capabilities.

    2. I read about the Taliban having used them in ground support in the early days of the Afghan war.
      They would reverse them up a low slope so they could get the proper negative elevation: unfortunately it was quite effective against the Northern Alliance fighters who were mounted on ponies...

    3. oh dear the poor sods, though war is war though its sad that the guys were simply ridding along on ponies when these things got them. though it goes to show the effectiveness of that anti-air turret it has, I certainly would not want to be on the recieving end of that.

      such is war.