Saturday, March 2, 2013

More killers for the Chechen Mud Pit

Here are a couple more pieces for my new project. 
To refresh: I want to focus on the first Chechen War from 1994-96. This was a blood bath between the ill fated Russian Army and the marauding hordes of radical, Islamic freedom fighters.

The first of these new objects is the T-72M1 by Revell which I have converted to a "B" model with some basic upgrades including applique armor to fend off some of the frequent RPG attacks.

My next piece is by ICM. This is a BTR-60, used extensively by the Soviets and later the Russian Federation: such as here.

Here is my next installment of Chechen fighters. I have another fifteen on the workbench. 

Part of the last batch, half of a tank hunting unit.


  1. nice work Ben! I do like those figs and of coarse big old tanks are nice... growing up to Salisbury plain might be the reason for my love of tanks... regularly seeing signs saying "Caution Tank Crossing" may have desensitized me to them.

    1. Thanks Gowan, you have been lucky!
      I have always loved AFVs but have not had a ton personal experience with them, especially not functioning ones.

    2. I don't know about lucky the jets were certainly not nice neighbours. but it is sad I lost all the bullet casings I found one day. I think that certainly I didn't at the time appreciate it so much, when your walking the dog running into a group of soldiers is a scary experience, perhaps today it would have been cool... though I guess it would still have been a bit of a shock.
      I must say that apart from when driving I cannot remember ever seeing a tank on the walk... helicopters with land rovers hanging underneath yes, tanks no. Though I have a vague memory of something on a big green truck coming through the village.

    3. I did actually see one on a truck while we were on vacation years ago. It looked older than an Abrams, so it must have been an M-60. I didn't appreciate it as much then either.

  2. Looking good. Like the work you have done on the T72 especially.



    1. Thanks Pete, I'm happy with the result. Maybe I'll get the other done over the coming week. Two more T-72s, and two more BTRs!