Monday, June 10, 2013

Napoleonic project

I mentioned in the comments of my last post that I planned to start some more Napoleonic guys.
These will be in 15mm scale. I'll be using AB Miniatures's excellent range of Napoleonic guys which are technically considered "18mm." Kind of like 25mm soldiers evolving into 28mm over the years.

I'm aiming for an Austrian brigade, and one French brigade from the 1809 campaign. I'll use a ratio of about 1:96, placing each brigade at about 200 soldiers.

What I have been doing while I wait for the figures is experiment with different techniques as well as check my accuracy using spare 1/72 soldiers. I will use these (below) as references once I start painting my brigade.

L-R: (line). Voltiguer, Grenadier, Fusilier. (light). Chasseur
If you see any mistakes in what I have painted thus far, let me know now.
(p.s. I know the fusilier should not have epaulets, or sword, and that line soldiers do not have tasseled gaiters)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Phil!
      I have a lot more to finish painting!

  2. well I think they look nice. but what does Sascha think? if you ever needed criticism on nappies he would give it.

    1. Thanks. Hopefully everyone will approve :D