Saturday, November 30, 2013

WW2 continuation...

Two topics tonight:
A continuation of my late war Canadian 4th AD project:
                Lots of Sherman V, VCs are finished!! One Staurt V is done, and another is still in progress.
                The motor platoon in my last post is totally finished and awaiting their........
           ......C15TA trucks from S&S model.
After those, and finishing up the scout platoon eventually, I think I’ll call it a project finished.

And Americans: 
I've also started on my American unit. I also chose the 4th armored division for my Americans so I could remember it :D

Apparently we Americans scream a lot! This lot must be from New Jersey......I'm joking!!! 

Thanks for looking!


  1. Looking good Ben. Excellent progress!

  2. Excellent work, I really love the american figs in particular!

  3. Thank you Paul. I am surprised to have actually gotten some done as well! There's still a lot to do though.

  4. Thanks FF! I'm glad you like them.
    It's my fault for not doing a closeup, but those will actually be the armored division patch when I'm done. Good luck with those Soviets!

  5. Magnificent work Ben, it is always a pleasure to see your realizations

  6. Thank you Gowan and Michael! I appreciate the encouragement.