Thursday, January 4, 2018

Heavy Cavalry Troop pt 1: Maintenance platoon

I am slowly building a 15mm Heavy Cavalry troop for the 1st Cav that will work for the early 2000s.

I have all the tanks and troops I need, but still have to get a few more Brads and an M577 before the unit is finished.

The unit below is the freshly completed Maintenance platoon (HMMWV, M113, M88 Hercules, and two LMTVs). Since nobody makes the latter two vehicles in 15mm, I am using heavily converted Matchbox "grit spreaders" for the LMTVs and a mostly scratchbuilt (more like fudged) M88.


  1. Nice work Ben, harder to paint than 1/72 me thinks

    1. Thanks! In some ways they are harder to paint, but it's also possible to cut some corners that you can't in 1/72.

      The lower cost of 15mm is worth it at any rate!