Saturday, January 7, 2012

Holland, fall 1944

On a quiet hill in Holland a platoon of American infantry is stationed. A little further East a company of elite German Waffen SS is advancing as part of a local counter attack, little do either group know when they run into each other. The American Lieutenant is in charge of a full strength platoon with a support section of 2 machine guns, and a mortar.

        The hill overlooks a small village of several houses, all abandoned because of the danger of living on the front lines of WWII.

         The first platoon of German infantry advance through the town. The move unopposed for a short while, then come under harsh MG and mortar fire, in this way they suffered heavy casualties. One of the buildings are hit by a shell from a hidden Chaffee tank. OH MY! the Germans have unexpected tank support. The StuG moves out of the town and is destroyed shortly by a lucky shot from the Chaffee.
Calling in support
         Soon another tank shows up and destroys the Chaffee, at the same time another infantry platoon moves through the town and another forms up on the other side of town. This is too much for the brave American Lieutenant who calls desperately for tank support, support that will not arrive for five more game moves. The Americans fall back. Pretty soon the tank unit arrives in Band of Brothers fashion.
Mostly Caesar US infantry.
    The Shermans inflict heavy damage to the advancing German infantry then move through the woods to engage the Jagdpazer, the German tank is soon destroyed after taking a Sherman with it.
The rescuers
          The  Germans are eventually pushed back, both sides suffered heavy losses:  Germans; 23KIA, 30 Captured/Injured, 2 tanks destroyed, 2 MGs captured. Americans; 18 Injured, 12 KIA, 3 tanks destroyed.
Caesar, Pegasus, and Italeri.


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