Monday, January 9, 2012

Golan Heights, '73. An Outdoor Game.

 The Golan Heights are located on Israel's norther border, shared with Syria. The Syrians attempted a surprise attack in October 1973. The Israelis were caught off guard and pushed back, they shortly regained their lost ground though. The battle here is one built around an imaginary cliff and hills by a platoon of Israelis and 3 tanks (M-48 and two M-60s), fought against by a T-54, two T-55s, a PvIV and a StuG assault gun, which were in fact used by the Syrian Army. The two T-55s would advance to the right with two squads of infantry, while to the left, the T-54 and PvIV and another  squad of infantry advance. They would be supported by the StuG in the center. Opposing the right was a squad of Israeli infantry and the Platoon HQ, with an M-48 and M-60 dug in on the high ground. On the left (Israeli right) were two squads of infantry and another M-60, all dug in. The Syrians formed up in their lines and began to advance.
The Israeli Left flank, m-48, m-60, squad of infantry and HQ.

Israeli Right flank, m-60 and two squads of infantry

T-54 and two T-55s.

Syrian line of advance.

The first casualty, Syrian PvIV.  Taken from Israeli Left flank.

The first Israeli casualty, M-60 is now immobile

Another Syrian casualty, T-54 advancing on Israeli Right flank. The accompanying infantry are now unsupported.

The Israeli M-48 moves up to meet the two T-55s, which are now......
......moving up the road to the buildings
The M-48 moves over the crest of the hill and comes face to face with the two T-55s. One is knocked out, the other moves around the building, both fire and are knocked out at once.

The Syrian infantry are now unsupported against two tanks and a platoon of infantry, they fall back.

The Syrians lost 5 tanks, and 8 men. The Israelis lost 1 tank destroyed and one more damaged, plus two dead. The Syrians march back home.


  1. You're brave to use your finely painted stuff outdoors - but the photos do look so much better for it! Is there a particular set of rules you're using?

  2. Thank you, this is actually my first HO battle outdoors, I don't think anyone is missing though. I write my own rules. The first real set I played by were by Neil Thomas, everything I write is based loosely on those. Thanks for commenting. Ben B.

  3. Looks great Ben, I love the Syrian models - are those 20mm or larger? We used to literally use our feet to measure firing and movement distances when I was a kid playing with the timmee toy M48s!

  4. Thank you. I like these particular tank models also, the t-55s are pre-built, I can't remember the manufacturer. The t-54 is from a Russian kit, the Pattons are from Revell. All are 20mm. Thanks for reading. Ben.