Saturday, January 21, 2012

Late War Panzer Grenadier, 54mm.

I had the urge the other day to paint one of my 54mm  Italeri (Italieri for some) Late War Elite Infantry. I researched some camouflage patterns of SS Germans and decided to paint "Plane Tree No 4" a orange, brown and tan camo. The figure has on a reversible snow suit, one side camo other side white. Here are some pictures I hope you enjoy. Not shown in the pictures is the base coat of very thin white paint.
I added the basic colors. These were then highlighted.

The camouflage. All Model Master paint. Wood base, brown lightened with white and yellow added. The top dots are Earth Brown (Maybe leather).

The main colors.

Warm Tone flesh. Highlighted with white added. I added black to the lighter mix for the "five o'clock shadow." I added some red to the light mix for cheeks, nose and bottom lip, this IS a winter figure so he should have a red nose.

I painted eyes by a thin black line, after this dried I added tiny drops of white to each corner. This is what I call the Ugly Stage.

The finished face with eyes completed.

Some equipment, I got some references from websites that sell military antiques and reenacting supplies.

After a little "lining out"with black paint. Note the snow added to the fold of his arm.

This base needs a bit more work. (Does anyone know the best way to model snow quickly and  easily)?

The actual camo. Thanks to One of my favorite sites, for references.

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