Thursday, January 19, 2012

Afghanistan 2010

          In this battle a unit of three infantry squads, a Stryker, and a Bradley APC. This unit moves up a street in a village between two steep hills. This pass needed to be secured before any more Allied forces could move through. The only information known about the opposing force was that it numbered about twenty-five men. This was a solo game so there had to be a little planning before it began. I picked a playing card for each major building, wrote down the number and symbol of each card then gave each card a number of fighters: A of Diamonds 5 men; 2 of Diamonds 1 man+MG, &c &c &c. I then stacked the cards at random, then as my troops moved through the streets and came to a building, I would choose a card from the stack and match it with a written down card and place the figures with it in the building. Complicated explaning it I know, but it works, I drew a 5 of Diamonds for the mosque, so 7 men were placed on it. IE each building was a surprise.
The village from the left side, U.S. forces are to the right of this photo.

Stryker and Bradley.


Terrorist FREAK, (neat looking figure though).

The first main opposition, roof of the mosque. These men were taken out by MG, Sniper, and rifle fire only after inflicting heavy casualties though.

One of the strong points during the game.

This was the last building in the village, these men were eliminated by small arms fire.

One of my secret weapons, laser pointer for finding LOS. As you can see this is a perfect sniper target.

Everyone safely back in their bags.

 The terrorists were eliminated, 19 were killed, 6 wounded were later captured.   
The Americans suffered 10 dead, and 3 wounded. Not a very major victory due to the losses, but the objective was taken.


  1. Ben,
    Great looking troops! I also used Caesar miniatures for my modern US. I have individually based them for Disposable Heroes and am going to play their modern variant.

    I am going to follow your blog as soon as I get home from work! Sadly our work computers do not allow us to see the follow button or followers. Great work - I also love your tank and APC models.


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  3. Sorry, deleted my comment as I had an awful typo! Laser pointers are great for determining LOS. I look forward to seeing more AARs from your games.

  4. Thank you both for looking at this. I love the Caesar figures, they have some new modern sets listed on their website, heavy weapons, mortars, SEALs and another one I think but I can't remember it. I got the laser from amazon, it was only a couple of dollars, there are some for much much more though. I had thought about the idea before but I saw this guy at a HMGS convention using it with his tanks,I love the idea.

    1. I also use Caesar for almost all of WWII Americans and Germans by the way.

  5. Very nice ben. Good to see another blogger who likes modern stuff. BTW I see rail trackes what scale are those? just that Railways in my city that I am making would be an interesting addition.

  6. They are some old HO scale tracks from a typical model train set. I got these second hand but you could find them in any train store or online hobby shop. The HO figures are a bit too small for 1/72 scale but many of the accessories fit in well.