Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First RCW figures

I have painted my first Russian Civil War figures over the last couple of days. These are the Hat Napoleonic Cossacks. This is a pretty good set of figures, considering that they are, I believe, only the sixth set made by Hat. These are painted as Cossacks from the Kuban Host, they served in the Red Army, I have seven of these. I also have about fifteen other ones painted as what I thought were Terek Cossacks in White service, but after painting I discovered are wearing the Terek Infantry uniform (if I were the type to use many smiley faces, I would be frowning here.) Anyway, thanks for reading, I should be receiving the rest of my figures this week sometime.
A handful of the better figures

"Old Man Igor"


  1. Nice detail Ben, your work station is pretty organised too!

  2. That's the good thing about Cossacks - the same figures will work from 1650-1950!

  3. Looks great, Ben! Almost makes me want to take up RCW...almost!

  4. Thank you both. Agreed with Mr. Gow, These figures are very useful, the Revell set looks good too but that seems to be the one case where this is not true, they have SMGs strapped to their coats.
    Thank you Steven, you SHOULD get into it, it is a very fascinating period.

  5. Wonderfull painted figures Ben. Also the horses are well painted!


    1. Thanks, but if you look closely, you would see the horses aren't that well painted. I hate to paint horses most of the time