Friday, February 17, 2012

Russian Village Houses

Here are some of my RCW buildings, I am sure though that they will work as WW2 etc. Some of them took on odd shapes as the clay dried and contorted. Thanks for reading thus far.
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A line of Kuban Cossacks  gallops into the town. The starving Bolshevic populous can relax now. That is a furniture knob sticking out over the hut, not the roof.

A political sign reading,"join your local volunteer army!" or something, blares of the side of the local Iskra distributor.

One of the Lego buildings, a rectangle of lego bricks covered in clay with a scribed clay on brick roof.


  1. I hope there isn't a very young person living there who will soon start to wonder why their supply of Lego is shrinking each week?

  2. I still have some lego lying around here from the time my boys were younger. Good idea to make your buildings with those bricks.

    Nice looking town!


  3. Don't tell! Actually they are left over from my childhood.

  4. Thanks Peter if you do try some thick paint or watery clay to cover the brick patern.

  5. Nice idea using lego bricks.If the clay gave you trouble, try covering the legos with PVA and sand.

  6. Thanks for the tip. That's what I used for the French village houses I made, it does work a little better than clay.