Saturday, February 25, 2012

First RCW Game, Night Assault

Here are the pictures of my first Russian Civil War wargame. The White unit had to attack across the open field against the Red town. Luckily for the Whites, it was night time. The White attack line formed up behind a tree line with Terek Cossacks and a MG on their right flank with two squads of 12 men each were on the left. The Cossacks were to charge down the road against a rail road car that the Reds had set up to bock of White supplies. The first white squad was to advance toward the side of the village and rescue a Don Cossack officer who was held hostage. The second squad was to attack the center of the town and support the Cossack assault plus cover the first squad. Here are the pictures, hope you enjoy, thanks for reading. As you will notice, many of the figures need to be based properly. I also hope the uniforms aren't too green.
The White lines prior to assault.

The Tereks on the right flank

The MG on the Right.

The armored box-car

The hostage

Main street, Kuban Cossacks staying in various houses

The main setup

The White assault. I highly recommend these figures to anyone interested in early 20th century warfare

The Tereks attack across the RR tracks. One of these guys smashed a gas bomb of the side of the train car to give the MG team a target (remember this is a night assault).

Very bad sign, the Cossack ponies return without their masters. By this time, the second infantry squad was in place by the train car setting up a road block.

A fast but brutal melee took place when the Whites stormed the building in which the hostage was kept. Luckily for them a spy showed them this building before hand.

The Whites hurry off with their prize.
At the end of the game:
7 infantry dead, 10 cavalry dead.
Objective completed, Moderate victory
23 militia and infantry dead, 8 cavalry dead.
Objective lost, heavy casualties, major defeat.

The Whites retreated with their prize. The second squad with the road block set fire to several thatch building to give targets to the MGs and retreated according to schedule. It was a fun game and as always I have decided I need more figures and terrain.


  1. the figures are finely painted,not too green at all.any shade of green for russians is ok by me.

  2. Thanks. Not so much the painting that makes them look good, the sculpting on these guys is amazing.

  3. They sure are, it's hard to beat that high quality. In my opinion, only the newest Hat figures and Caesar are equal in quality.

  4. Good to see you're gaming with these already! That's something I haven't achieved.


  5. Thanks Wintrix, maybe be we could meet halfway and set up a game together! I'm glad you enjoyed.

  6. These are all nicely painted. I think I detect some Red Box Boxer Rebellion figures here. I have some of those myself, but I use them as Spartacists in conflicts with the Freikorps. I do hope that there are more RCW compatible figures in this scale in the near future, as it's an interesting (and somewhat neglected) period.

  7. Thanks for commenting comrade. And yes, I did use the Red Box guys, the sculpting is pretty good on them but nothing special; overall nice useful figures though. Thanks.