Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mortain, 1944.

In August 1944, the SC 120 infantry rgt was faced with defending hills 314, and 285 and the town of Mortain, against six different panzer divisions. They succeed in this task and because they succeeded, Patton was able to continue his famous advance across France. There was a hill on either side of the town of Mortain . On the edge of town a road block was placed by F company and an AT platoon. This road block destroyed over 40 German tanks. This is where my game was set. I thank World War II magazine, volume 7, issue 5 for the inspiration and information.

Facing the German advance

The rumble of engines is heard from around this corner

The attack.... destroyed

Part of the second attack

Recognize this?
Now you know why. This is by Keith Rocco, called The Battle of Mortain.


  1. Nice pictures and report. I also like the historical background you give.


  2. Thanks Peter, I enjoyed this battle.