Friday, February 10, 2012

Things To Do.

I consolidated some of my figures I had laying about in boxes and organizing the into units. Here is a partial list of some of the guys I found.   
  • Austrian Brigade. This unit is comprised of 90 figures all made by Hat. I am not currently working on an Austrian army, I do have several different sets of them. These guys are a mix of Hat Grenzer and Line infantry The Grenzers are newer and very well sculpted. The other guys are a bit older, they're rather flat but should paint up nicely.
  • French Rgt. This is a unit of Hat Young Guard and Hat Fusiliers. Both of these sets are not quite up to modern standards but are still fairly well made.
  • Four Prussian Rgts of 120 figures altogether. These are made up of Hat, Revell, and Waterloo 1815. The new Hat guys are extremely perfect. Unfortunately, they are $9.00 instead of the usual $7.50. I believe it will be a disaster if Hat ever raise the price of the older figures from that in the future.
  • One Russian brigade of 90 figures. These are Zvezda and Strelets*R grenadiers with the tall plume trimmed. The Strelets*R figures are very clunky and chunky. Not particularly my desired style but mixing a few in should not hurt anything. The Zvezda set is a masterpiece. No more needs to be said.
  • About 20 various "resisters." Orion, Mars, maybe some others.
  • Two Rgts of 42 Prussian Hussars, by Waterloo 1815. They are beautiful figures, I just can't bring myself to paint 42 horse saddles.


  1. Ben,
    Let me know if you want to sell the Austrians. I'm looking to start a 1:72 Austrian Army for Age of Eagles! Where are you in the world?


  2. I already painted a regiment, I will save them, maybe something will come of them in future. Thanks for the offer though.