Monday, February 13, 2012

My workspace

Here is my workspace.
My desk

My small collection of rules, and part of my book collection

My tool drawer

My ten soldier boxes

One of my 30 shelves

most of my soldier boxes

All of my paints. I take pride in not owning a bottle of every color of paint. I have not used the craft paint for a long time, don't know why I still keep them

My wargame "table."


  1. discovered your blog yesterday... will follow.

  2. Nicely arranged, Ben. Neat and orderly.
    I'm a sucker for buying all the paints I think I need plus some're much more practical and disciplined.
    No current project on the desk, though?

  3. Thanks Tsold9000. Glad you like it.

  4. Easternfunker, thanks for looking. Nope no projects are in the pictures, but... I keep a lot of my figures in the boxes like the picture of Hat ones. Of course, wen my latest order comes in I will have plenty to do. By the way it is not always that tidy.

  5. Add an "h" to the "wen" in my last comment

  6. A lot neater and tidier than mine! My workspace looks like someone set off a bomb in the Vallejo paint factory.

  7. Thanks Phil, and thanks for following. I like that analogy.

  8. Very nice hobbyspace Ben. Like it how you store your figures. Must keep that in mind ;-)