Saturday, February 11, 2012

New era, new order.

I placed an order with The Toy Soldier Company today. The new era is Russian Revolution. I ordered Hat Napoleonic Militia, Zvezda WWI Russian Infantry, and Red Box Boxer Rebellion Civilians. I hope everything turns out well. I also have some Hat Cossacks to paint as well. Has anyone else done this era?


  1. Hi Ben, I've gamed a wee bit of Russian Civil War stuff, it is an interesting period with massive scope; enjoy


  2. Thanks Al, I must see pictures. I hope the Zvezda set works well, I admit though that I am a little lazy with my research. Do you have any pictures of your figures on your blog?

    1. Hey mate. Mostly use just WW1 stuff as not that much had changed in terms of uniforms or weapons. Will take a few pictures and do a wee feature for you

  3. There is also Hats WW1 russian infantry.Strelets makes some russian cavalry, Hussars and Cossacks.Try this site called Pygmy Wars its all about the RCW,loads of info.