Monday, April 2, 2012

Detailed Cheap Car for Modern Wargames

I found this old "made in China" lead coated car in a bag yesterday. Inspired by similar projects by Gowan, Winttrix, and the master at "Fist Full of Plastic," I decided it would look good on the wargames "table" so I added some details on  it and repainted it. Enjoy.
The main parts, notice the broken wind screen frame, some CA took care of that,

Plastic seats; cereal box floor and sides; wood center console; paper license tag; original back and dashboard.

Tamiya blue paint, white-wash, black wash; clay convertible top.


  1. Glad to be an inspiration. Why don't you post these on the forum, ben?


  2. Thanks Winttrix, I have put several things on there in the past. I enjoy it but don't want to be a burden. Thanks for commenting and following, and your work is often an inspiration for many of my projects.

  3. That is a very sweet looking ride! I am very flattered to be referred to as being 'the master' - I am just pleased that you like what I do, and ecstatic that I can be a source of inspiration to another modeller. I plan to convert some of my Imex NKPA figures soon, using the method you did for your Syrians, so the inspiration goes both ways. Cheers!

  4. Ok, we can trade inspiration, that's fine with me! Glad to see that some of my ideas will be reflected too, though I'm sure yours will look better than mine! thanks for commenting and following.