Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1/72 Iraqi Republican Guard

These guys are mixes of different figures. I made good use of some of the Orion Russian tanker heads, placing them on various bodies. The mortar and two of the crew are Imex NKPA. I believe these can be used as units from both Iraq wars, and in a generic Middle Eastern military. I read that some of them wore red boots and berets, I hope this is true because I reflected this in some of them. I know they need to be based, don't worry I will get to them. These were made out of desperation; I can't wait till my latest orders from The Toy Soldier Company (soldiers) and E Hobbies (tanks) come in. Enjoy.
L-R. NKPA body with Orion Russian heads; Mars (stolen from ESCI I think), no conversion; Orion Russian "head clutcher" with new arms and tanker head.

L-R. Imex grenade thrower, turned head and modified grenade to represent mortar round; Orion Chechen Rebel;  Imex mortar man, no conversion.

Sorry this is a bit hazy, I did find a tip saying to photograph at night, this is daytime, the rest are at night so I guess it works.

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  1. I see this is getting a ton of traffic. These are older works of mine. Now I suggest ESCI Spetsnaz with ESCI WWII GI heads for these period Iraqis. Thanks for looking.