Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SEAL Compound Raid, WE GOT THEM!

This little game is of an imaginary SEAL compound raid. The mission can be set anywhere in the middle east, involve any U.S. elite unit, and be in any time frame from the recent past to the near future.

The target is a "resistor" leader and hostage rescue situation. The U.S. were divided into four five-man teams. doing the following:
A: lands on roof of green Italeri building and enters, seeking terror leader.
B: Lands on same roof and provides cover fire for the whole compound and reinforcements to A if needed.
C: Lands on large card building doing same mission as A, if target is located in that building.
D: On ground at time of raid, cut power, search the other three buildings for hostages.
Main view of compound from team "C"s target building

View from main gate

The whole compound

"A" in action.

Parts of "C" and "D" after capturing target

On rooftops awaiting evacuation

View from Blackhawk.

A: 2 KIA
B: No casualties
C: 2 injured
D: 2 KIA

21 KIA
6 Captured
3 Injured
Overall a great game, U.S: Moderate victory. Terror: Heavy loss. Thanks for reading!

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