Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Modern Vehicles!

Got some new modern tanks etc the other day, just got around to posting them. The Abrams was an interesting thing, my first kit by Unimax. The modeler me of a couple years ago in me would not like it but the wargamer me LOVED it! Easy build, only took about 15 minutes, nice details, just not many parts.

The T-72s were great, Revell by the way. As is usual with many of their kits, the tracks were link and length, ugh... It is a step above the Ace kit I built a couple months ago though, they blend together OK on the table.

The HMMWVs were great. Revell also. I got the cargo/MG pack and the TOW/Ambulance set. Each with two trucks in the set, I plan to build the ambulance without the bulky top though, hopefully it will just look like the cargo version.

Painted them all up in tan, highlight with light tan drybrush and there you go, my little Mogadishu or '73Easting.

Thanks for reading.

I have since added a black-wash ti this kit, it did help the detail some.

Sorry about the un-painted inside tire (tyre).


  1. Good production run Ben. Well done.

  2. Thanks Paul, they were a lot of fun. Always nice to have a good old run every once in a while.