Saturday, April 7, 2012

Small Unit Action: Iraq. And Happy Easter

Here is a battle I set up today, the U.S. force lost very badly I'm sad to say. The U.S. objective was the Italeri building. There were 2 teams and a Bradley fighting about 30 Iraqi insurgents.

Now I have a big mess to clean up.
Now, as most of you know tomorrow is Easter. As a devout Christian, Easter means much more to me than the big pink bunny and all that. Just remember that, I am a proud Christian, not in-your-face, but just happy and at peace. Thanks for reading.


  1. Happy Easter, Ben!
    Looks like a fun amd very sharp battle! Sorry to hear the US forces lost but we'll get em next time!


  2. Thanks Steven, I hope I get them next time too but am not very confident, this is the second game in a row that they lost.
    I'm building up my armies soon, last week I ordered two double packs of Revell HMMWVs; 2 Revell T-72s; and the Unimax kit of the M1 Abrams. Can't wait to get them, thanks for reading, following, and commenting.

  3. Belated happy Easter Ben! Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Thanks Peter, I've got a new battle out now, hope you enjoy.