Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Project Vietnam

After reading a good Vietnam War book recently, I've decided to enter that interesting period. Though the book focuses on the U.S. led elite guerrillas, I want to look at the common infantry. In case anyone was wandering, I am going to use 1/72 scale figures.

My project, for the time being, will be to build a full strength U.S. Army company. For now I will focus on the actual "man" aspect of it, as I need time to find appropriate 3/4 ton trucks and model jeeps. As I already have the 106mm recoilless rifles from the "Mars," (really, they are low quality conversions illegally using ESCI figs), mujaheddin set.

The guys I have ordered are from Pegasus and ESCI, duh, the only two plastic sets of Vietnam War Americans.     THESE FIGURE PICTURES ARE FROM Plastic Soldier Review, JUST TO AVOID STEALING THEIR PICTURES.

All very nice poses

All but the kneeling MG will be used I suppose.
OK, one of each dumb pose so these don't hurt too bad.

These ESCI guys aren't too bad, I only ordered one set, mainly for the M-60s, and M-79 GLs. 


What can I say? All but pose five in row one, and the wounded guy can be useful. Although my unit will represent one after the m-16 was standard issue, I plan to use the carbines and M-14s as S. Vietnamese

According to Eleven-Bravo wargaming site, which is not working for me right now, I need (from my count), about 
100 rifles
21 MGs
23 M-79 GLs
3 90mm RR
2 106mm RR
5 Jeeps
1x 2/12 ton
3x 3/4 ton
and a ton of radios. 

I ordered 5 sets of Pegasus and 1 set of ESCI, so I should have

116 useful riflemen
31 useful M-60s
23 m-79s

I already have
2x 106MMs
2 or 3x Caesar WW2 shoulder fired RRs

Plus, there are several other less useful poses in the sets I can use for conversions etc.

For a ton of useful uniform info look here

Thanks for reading, I will keep you updated.


  1. Good stuff! I have always liked the ESCI Vietnam figures for both the US and North Vietnam. Some of their best figures in my opinion.

  2. Thanks Grumble, they do look like nice figures, these will be my first Vietnam guys. Looks like I have a lot of painting and basing to do. Thanks for following.