Sunday, May 27, 2012

First Vietnam Figures. Memorial Day.

Hello everyone. I got my five boxes of Pegasus and one box of ESCI Vietnam Americans the other day. They will be based when I finish the painting. I laid out my plans in the last post so I will get right to it.
The basic fireteam. Each squad has two  of these. So far I've purposely made a suppressive fireteam of firing figures, and a maneuvering fireteam of running figures.

Squad command. Sergeant and PRC-6 operator.

The entire squad.

Platoon command. Platoon leader (Lieutenant); platoon sergeant; 2x PRC-6; and a PRC-25 operator.

Some of my favorite figures of the set

I love the detail on the shotgun

Size comparison of Pegasus and Italeri/ESCI/Revell Vietnam

The radio operator conversions. The "PRC-25" is from Waterloo 1815 Marines. The PRC-6s are from hunks of plastic.

The Revell M-48. At first I had this painted as Israeli, but did not use it much in that role. I just repainted it before my figures came.

Memorial Day
I'd like to thank all the heroes who died serving my country, and those veterans who, not dieing in combat, have passed on after their service. Some of the special ones in that category are both my grandfathers, and some more distant ones in the past. My multiple great uncle served the confederacy (I disagree with the politics but love the culture, warrior spirit, pride, etc), he had his arm blown of by Yank cavalry near Petersburg. His father was a General commanding a local militia. My grandfather served in the Airforce in Korea. My other grandfather died of lung cancer after years of cleaning the boilers of the USS Beale, at the end of and after the WW2. Thanks to all the others who served my nation, and to our allies who died by their sides.


  1. Thanks Al, Ive actually tried a few techniques new to me on these guys. Thanks again.