Thursday, May 10, 2012

Russian Motor Platoon

I just finished this Russian Motor Platoon. Orion figs, Trumpeter BTR-80, paint by Model Master and Tamiya. I found the TOE for these units in an old post on a forum of which I can't remember the name. Basically, here it is,
The Rifle squad.

Two MG's. As anyone who owns this set knows, Orion only include two HMG armed figures. The TOE calls for two per squad, and with three squads per platoon, I need six! So I trimmed off the clips from the guns, then replaced them with cut up inc pen tube filled with glue.

Squad leader and squad AT weapon

Two of the four rifles per squad

Sorry these came out a bit glossy, because of Orion's idiotic plastic, paint rubs off quite easily, I sprayed them with "Matte" varnish, yeah right!

Platoon command: junior officer; assistant.

The two platoons and...

one of their three BTR's
I painted them to go mainly with modern Russian, as well as here with Middle Eastern units

Each of these carry one squad

The whole platoon

Shown with a Revell T-80

   I thank the Army Recognition website for these and many other reference pics. I've got some more surprises in the works too. Thanks for reading.

Edited: 6/6/12


  1. Looks real nice Ben!


    1. Thanks Peter, the Orion moderns are great.

  2. Good work Ben. I would not bother too much about the varnish look, this type of thing happens.

    1. Thanks, I wish it didn't though!

  3. Those BTRs turned out really well! And I love your idea for the larger gun magazines, pen cut and filled with glue, that's very innovative. For someone who's a bit lazier, could I just cut up a thick piece of round sprue?

    1. I think the sprue would work OK, the only thing though is lack of area to glue, I actually cut a slot in the tube to get a better hold on the gun. I also think the glue inside helps strengthen it, though I don't know as Ive not handled them too much yet. I imagine the sprue would be great for hard plastics such as Valiant and Wargames Factory, though I'm not into them.

      Sorry for the long winded answer! Thanks for reading.

    2. Ah, now I fully see the logic of what you're doing. Thanks!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Al, your Russians were some of the first I saw done.