Monday, April 30, 2012

Some Updates

Here are some of the latest things going on in my HO world.

U.S. Marines in digital woodland. One platoon of three squads. Perhaps some of my followers can help me with this as my reference for U.S. platoon organization is two sections. Rifle: five riflemen. Support: Sniper, rocket, LMG and two riflemen. Command: medic, squad leader.


The three squads
To the best of my knowledge, this is the correct organization. If I'm wrong please help me.

Another update is my use of Orion Russian Feds. I've finished the Iraqi unit, this has six squads of two MG's, leader, senior rifleman, grenadier w/RPG, and two rifles. This is based on a reference for Russian motorized infantry.

I'm also about to begin work on some Russian infantry. Two platoons based on the above for Iraqis, just painted in the style of Wittrix and Steven with the new cool digital type camouflage.
Each of these are  a squad.

Some sample figs I painted a while back

Here are a couple more figs to look at, I know it's  a lot to take in be patient.
My NBC team! Not sure if these are really used often but they look cool and I had some laying around.

And, look at the comments on the last post and you will see some great links by Steven that perked my interest in the new MultiCam pattern used by the U.S. Army, this was my first official try at this. The fig is from the Caesar special forces set.


  1. Ben,
    Looks great! Love the Marine kit you painted - your colors for the pads, boots is spot-on.

    US Army Squads are 9 Soldiers - 2 x 4 man fireteams with a Team Leader (M4), Rifleman (M4), Grenadier (M4 with M203 Grenade Launcher), and SAW Gunner (M249 SAW). There is a squad-leader with an M4 as well bringing the total to 9. USMC squads have 3 fireteams.

    Check out the US Army's FM 7-8. I am not sure what the Marine Infantry Manual is.

  2. I googled "US Arm FM 7-8" and came up with, what a rich site! Thanks a million. Thanks for reading and following too.

  3. I like the russians! Glad to see that I was an influence.