Saturday, June 9, 2012

1/72nd S.E.A.L. and Delta Operators

These Navy SEALs came about in an odd way. A few weeks ago, I found some pictures of some special forces operators on the web and decided to convert a figure to look like a specific guy in the photo. I then decided he needed a partner so I made another, and another... I've got twelve of them now, enough for a small scale operation I think.

The Delta figures are by Caesar and are from their "Worldwide Special Forces" set. I'm actually not sure which ones are which in the set, as it includes SEAL, SAS, Delta etc all in one set, so I chose what I thought would be the most likely figures. I painted them in UCP/ACU with the usual special forces tan helmets and body armor.

Interestingly the reference pics I used for the Delta guys are from the same site as the S.E.A.L.s (alas, they are buried deep in a >100 page special forces thread in the dumb and often aggravatingly irreverent forum).

A big thanks to all my followers. BTW, this is my 60th post :) Anyway, here you go, enjoy...

Orion Israeli. Headswap with added beard, como piece, camel pack (w/hose), scarf and I think that's all

I know, he has eyes, well more like eyebrows. I took the liberty of adding these since I did not plan to use them for wargaming. P.S. find the real picture of this dude and you will understand the relevance of hair on a model soldier

His buddy, also of Israeli origin. He includes the same added features as the last one.

Diggin' those custom rifle parts

Got your back man...

D.F. dudes, rather extraordinary sculpting etc on these guys, as is usual with Caesar

There is a reassuring calmness in this guy's face

Low visibility Velcro flag.


  1. Nice modeling! I haven't tried any 20mm conversions yet, but perhaps it's not as scary as it seems. Great blog you've got, added!

  2. Thanks for the complement and the link! And no, once you try a couple conversions it gets easier, then again, some just don't work. I start simple and am still in the early stages. Thanks for looking

  3. Great work - I'm into modern stuff too, mainly 15mm, but also some 20mm also, among other periods - mostly incomplete; I'll add your site and check in regularly.

  4. Hello Monty, your very welcome here! Looks like some interesting stuff on your blog too, nice job with the Valiant by the way. Thanks for following


  5. Nice work Ben, coming along you are!

  6. Thanks Paul! A complement from a true wargaming veteran.


  7. Very nice converted and painted figures!


  8. Thanks, I had a lot of fun with these conversions, glad you liked