Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sappeur du 16me Reg Chaseurs

Hello all. Here is a little project I've been working on. He is a Sappeur du 16me Reg Chaseurs of the French army. I've been recieving advice on improvements on the various forums and this is I hope the final result. The head is from Italeri wagon crew, the body of Zvezda grenadiers. Have a great weekend!


  1. My apologies to all who happened to look at this post this morning! It was supposed to be "Hello All," but it came out without the "o" at the end! That's what I get when posting at 4:30 AM before work huh?

  2. :)

    Nice work, Ben. Though you might want to change the gauntlets and apron to white as most were that colour/

    1. Sorry, I just saw your post on Benno's with the picture you based it on!

  3. Thanks Rosbif, I actually found a plate of this figure in the Otto manuscript. My reason for painting him was that his uniform is so odd looking. The writers of the text in the manuscript weren't even sure how widely this uniform was used. Of course it may have been Otto day dreaming and doodling in a french camp one day fooling all future generations! Thanks for the reference, I'm by no means an expert in Napoleonic uniforms so your help will always be appreciated, thanks for looking!

  4. Very nice conversion!