Monday, June 4, 2012

Somewhere in Africa, 2000

This is a fictional battle I played yesterday. T'was a lot of fun, and a lot of blood. The U.S. objective is to reach and extract the besieged sniper team. The team had been sent in a day earlier to target and observe forces of a rogue warlord. They encountered much more resistance than expected and were surrounded. It was the job of three carefully selected fireteams to extract, then endure until extraction themselves. The village is held by a roughly equal number of African militia and fighters. The entire operation took 10 game moves to complete.
The Stryker APC is to carry team A to the area of the objective, disembark the team, and return to the lines carrying the sniper team. Teams B, and C are to cover this whole series of moves.

(Turn 1) This little beauty took out the Stryker on turn one, there goes all the U.S. plans. The rest of the opperation needs to be planned on the fly

(Turn 1) Still turn one, the Stryker is hit, tires blown off. I then rolled to see if the vehicle could still move, the score fell short. The gun is still operational and blasts the technical before it can cause more damage.

(Turn 2) These guys are suppressed by Stryker fire

Team A is forced to dismount from the Stryker under heavy fire. All 5 men were put out of action, 3 KIA.

(Turn 3) The HMMWV mounted TOW fires, the rocket strays to the right of the target (sandbag emplacement), but hits a building killing 1, and wounding another militiaman.
(Turn 3) The Revell TOW. Meanwhile, Stryker suppresses one building while team B kills 2 more men. Field command decides that the sniper team must, make it back on it's own, the troops currently engaged will provide cover fire.

(Turn 4) Sniper team jumps from second floor while Stryker and team C suppress buildings in the village killing three.

(Turn 4) Team C in action.

(Turn 5) While the sniper team enters the hut area of the village, the shoulder fired rocket team in the sandbag emplacement targets team C, two are injured.

(Turn 6-8) While the he brave sniper team maneuver towards friendly lines, members of team B kill one more militia member in town. 

(Turn 9) The sniper team is now in the open.

(Turn 10) Objective complete.

The Revell and Caesar guys in a mix of three tone desert and M-81 camouflage

The objective sniper team

Caesar resistors and WWII Americans as militia
4 KIA, 1 injured, 1 vehicle destroyed (alas it was hit by and RPG late in the game)
9 KIA, 4 injured, 1 vehicle destroyed.


  1. Very nice pictures and game report Ben!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks Peter, its much more fun to plan games with objectives etc than the usual fight to the death games I've played. Thanks for commenting

  3. Very nice report and figs...interesting blog, too, I'll come back!

    1. Hey Phil, there is some great things over at your blog too!

      Thanks for looking.