Saturday, July 28, 2012

Isaac and Ishmael: Golan, 1973.

I played my first official Force on Force game today. There are still some details I have to work out but I think they will work as I get used to them.

Basically the Syrians must advance through this village in a gap in the Golan are in '73 to please pushy brigadiers. The Israelis caught off guard must defend with a basic platoon and little support.

The Syrian main objective is for the tanks to push through the village off the other end of the table. A little bonus will be the capturing of the hill to the right of the picture just to make the passing through the village a bit easier.

The result was a  minor victory for Israel with 4 MIA and the village held.
The Syrians had a loss of some sorts, the hill was captured but the tanks were stopped.

Enjoy the pics, thanks for looking.
Infrared photos from a Syrian recon flight a night earlier reveal Israeli forces operating in the area.

The next morning's view from the position of B squad to the right of the Israeli lines.

View from A and HQ squads to the left of the village. B's position is the hill in the background and C is stationed in the village.

The Israeli platoon also has a jeep mounted recoilless 106mm rifle

The 1st and HQ squad of the Syrian platoon starts out mounted on teh T-55s
The leading T-55 is destroyed by RR fire stopping up the whole Syrian tank line.

The rear T-55(actually a T-54 but don't tell) is destroyed by 75mm squad level RR fire leaving one more stuck in the middle.

B is driven off the hill by 2nd and 3rd squads of the Syrian pltoon

I remembered my HQ squad mortar after about four turns, it hit several Syrians as they capture B's hill.

Finally the last Syrian T-55 is destroyed, the Israeli objective is complete. It is not an entire win though because they lost the hill to the right of the village.

A postcard from the Golan defenders!


  1. Nice little AAR Ben, thanks for sharing it with us. A bit disappointing for the Syrians to lose 3 tanks to a jeep-mounted RR!

    1. Thanks Mr. EF. Yeah, my wording was a bit misleading. They were actually damaged my fire from the 106 in one turn and the 75s in another, even then they were not completely destroyed, just stopped. Thanks for looking.

  2. Good AAR Ben, the jeep mounted RCL looks great.

    Nice post all around!

    1. Thanks Paul, I've grown to love that piece. The really great part is that no modifications are needed for the kit. The .50 cal can be removed and the RR set in place with no gluing. Thanks for looking.

  3. Great AAR. Table looks spot on too. Reminds me I must play more Force on Force.



    1. Thanks Pete, I need to play it more also just to get used to it for now. Thanks for looking.

  4. Very interesting to see a Yom Kippur War scenario. What figures did you use for the Syrians? The Egyptian army also had similar colors during the war. Looks fun.

  5. Thanks Shriff, I had fun with this little game. The "Syrians" are actually conversions I did a while back from Imex NKPA and Revell WW2 Soviets. I've begun repainting both the Syrians and Israelis recently but the Syrians still need a little work. Thanks for looking.