Monday, November 5, 2012

Additions to the Russian Front Painted.

OK, here are some of the near finished products from "Fall-In!" for my NAZI panzer and communist tank battalions.

For Ten Rounds Rapid (TRR), equipment numbers are scaled down to roughly 1:3 ie one tank representing three tanks, or roughly one platoon.

According to some TO&Es I got from the GHQ website, the German panzer battalion of the period ~1942 would have had one heavy company of PzIVs, two medium companies of PzIIIs, and a total equaling about one company of light tanks such as Pz 38s or more commonly PzIIs. Unfortunately I could not find the packs of Pegasus Pz 38s at the show or at Gettysburg's hobby shops, so that part will have to wait.
The two "companies" of medium PzIIIs. I actually bought two different versions of the PzIII tank, so I had to convert a bit. I shortened the barrels of the later versions to match their early counterparts and left off the kit provided skirt armor.

Shown here is the Armourfast PzIII and PzIV. Sadly I could not find any of the 20mm  PSC  PzIV I had been planning on getting, but I found enough Armourfast kits to make up for it. This is one of the earlier posted PzIVs except I shortened the barrel and added a hull MG.
 Up next are the Soviet purchases.

I actually got all the soviet tanks I needed at one of the fine Gettysburg soldier shops, and did not need to hunt for any more at the show. I got three packs of the Pegasus BT-7, one pack of KV-1/2, and two packs of Armourfast T-34s. Oddly I happened to get both the retooled and original kits from the same store, accidentally of course or I would not have bought the low quality original; pictures in a moment.

According to the GHQ website again, Soviet tank battalion~1942: Heavy company of KV-1, one medium company of T-34s, and one light company of T-26,60, or BT-7. Plus the odd recon, I'm still working out the details for this, and the HQ for both battalions.
The kits assembled thus far.

This is the NEW retooled version of the  Hat T-34...

...and this is the junky old version, a stark difference even more realized in real life. 

This is the Pegasus Hobbies BT-7, a very nice kit which I'm quite happy with. I literally  built both kits from the box in less that five minutes!

Finally, this is the Pegasus KV-1, 1941 version. This is one of the kits I built years ago, I think I will continue with this color scheme for the rest of the Soviet tanks, it is just a little too dark for my taste though, opinions?
Good evening/day everyone, don't forget to vote tomorrow to my American friends. Just remember that "real" unemployment is over 10%, the manufacturing sector is contracting for months in a row, the services sector has declined the last month, the navy is smallest since WW1...whatever.
Who's fault is it? Probably a ton of people, vote accordingly.


  1. those are some good kits, a nice selection. though now I feel forced to hurry up and paint the other challenger... then get a leopard2 A6 just because its my favourite tank Oronegro can produce them too...

    interesting to see the HaT kits, I licked the old site for armourfast with the gallery, sadly since the split the pics are gone :-(

    Also I think I know who you will be voting for... oh and as for the Navy lets say quality not quantity and as far as the US is concerned you have quality in amounts that not even china can match in quantity, not that China should be a problem any time soon. If the politicians don't try anything stupid (their favourite past time)

    1. Thanks Gowan, I miss the well-organized old Armourfast site as well, I rarely ever go to the new one anymore. I look forward to your next tanks too!

      I kind of agree, It's just a depressing time. And for me, its no longer about political parties, I used to think it was but now see mistakes on all sides. Also, I will say I'm voting for Romney, It is past solving in the short run from what I hear no matter who "wins," but it is clear that the current administration is not working out, at least at the speed necessary. Anyway, my views on things other than the economy match better with Mr. Romney than Obama.

      I suppose the world really IS watching...

    2. sorry to hear about the situation. I guess that America really has been hit hard. Oh and yes the world is watching, my Sister heard how Romney is going to crack down on tax evassion (was that it?) and that this might mean Sesamae street could go she got very emotional... I wont tell her which way you voted then. or else the US army may not be big enough to stop her.

    3. I don't mean to make it out worse than it really is, were definitely not Zimbabwe or anything yet!
      Now don't use your sister to guilt me into voting otherwise! I do believe that the whole "big bird" story started in a debate as a joke, this was then turned around and used in a whole add type campaign by Mr. Obama. I believe that it has been decided a failed campaign, time will only tell... So in a nutshell, your sister can relax, big bird will probably stay :D

  2. i think the russian color is fine. those BT`s are really neat.i use them for my imagi-nations armor.two tanks built in 5 can`t beat it.

    1. Thanks Tsold, I'm pretty happy with the BTs as well, I wish Pegasus made a wider range of kits though.

  3. Yep the Soviet armor color is good - stick with it. Don't bother with the Pz 38(t)'s as they were used as a substitute for the Pz III's in the Medium companies of the following units: 7TH 8TH 12TH 19TH and 20TH Panzer Divisions. You can buy the excellent fast build Pz II from S Model to make up your light tank platoons.

    And taking a lesson from history, it doesn't matter how good our individual ships (or tanks) may be, if we don't have enough of them, they will get overwhelmed eventually. Just ask the Germans...

  4. Thanks for the info, Stuart. I will look into the S Model kit, or I ma have to go traditional with something like Airfix etc.
    Thanks for the cheery note as well :D

  5. That are some very nice tanks Ben!