Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My new models in my new scale.

These are some of the "bonus" prizes I picked up at the Fall-In hobby show. I got the Mujaheddin  and US Urban combat "combat commands" as well as a pile of blister packs from another vendor.

I'm not permanently moving to this scale, I still love 20mm plastics, I had looked at these sets in the past and looking at them two days in a row in person was more more than I could stand. I believe Jonathan of "My Tiny Things" blog has tried these modern GHQ models as well, other than that they don't seem to have the popularity that I would expect.

I hope to use these some day in FoF, I can envision a running street battle with a long row of these winding through ambushes etc, maybe some day!

Aside from these and the Muj, I bought some of the Brushfire warriors, and some cold war Soviet vehicles which I plan to paint convert to ANA and ANP platoons.

 Anyway, enough jabber...
A "Cougar 4X4." This model came in three pieces.

"4X4 M-ATV," a very ultra-modern looking vehicle! I believe this is expected to eventually replace the HMMWV.

The one "Buffalo EOD" provided in the pack, which makes me happy because of its obvious limited tactical value in a wargame. This came in four parts.

One of the two "Abrams TUSK (Tank Urban Survival Kit)" included in the command.

Everything i have done so far vehicle-wise. 

A few more pieces to finish painting.
 The Comabat Command come with either 40 or 48 infantry I believe, just enough to squeeze a platoon out of. I did buy an additional blister pack of heavy weapons for the m240 and SAW MGs.
I plan to base them all on fireteam stands. The UCP looks OK for this scale I think.

Two more infantry squads to finish. As well as...

the platoon support, and....

Platoon command.

One last pic for comparison of vehicles and infantry.
Hope you like!


  1. The GHQ detail is just perfect, right? :)
    I don't know why these models aren't more popular, perhaps GHQ is a bit lazy with marketing or they appeal to a less bloggy type of people?

    I have a lot of modern stuff from skytrex and scotia that I traded off all my 20mm moderns for. A great deal I tell you. But the detail just isn't the same as GHQ!

    Thanks for posting, there are all too few pictures out there showing WIP pictures of this stuff!

    1. Thanks Jonathan, they are quite beautiful. They are also very easy to paint despite the size. I don't think I'm ready to exchange 20mm for them though, just like I have WW2 in 20 and 54mm; I can live with both. I think I can see a future full of these though!

  2. very nice work I almost thought you had moved up to 28mm but then I saw the coins! 6mm thats crazy, even my old N scale railway is bigger. I cannot imagine painting anything that small. I respect you for taking on the challenge of painting these little miniatures but I doubt that I myself will go that small for a while at least. Also with more to come I expect that there is going to be much more amazing stuff!

    also I would like to make an appology for a comment I made earlier. I did not wish to make you feel guilty or try to sway your opinion. I am sorry that I ever came across like that. I only wished to make some light humour, and in hindsight it was innapropriate of me to do so. I would never use my sister to try and make someone feel bad about their political opinion. my sisters idea of politics is that she would vote for one candidate because he looked happier than the other guy (our recent election). I respect/ try to respect all political, religious and moral opinions, outlooks and beliefs. I am sorry that I may have offended you I hope you understand that it was never my intention.

    I hope that I never make such a mistake again

    1. Oh, Gowan, I was just joking! Don't worry about it! I have an odd sense of humor, and that was not the half of it. In fact I enjoyed our little discussion, I'm interested by all things political, military and economic, especially a mix of all three. It was even more interesting coming from a Redcoat-turned-Kiwi. So don't hide your opinion!

      Oh and I never plan on 28mm, ewe! Empress miniatures are the only 28s that have normal proportions, in fact they are stunning.

    2. oh well thats a relief... who said I was a redcoat turned Kiwi :-P this country may be intependant but the Queen is still head of state. infact judging from the number of brits here in Waiuku we are re-invading this loverly land... well worth invading just don't say that to china or australia infact perhaps it is best that we keep that one quiet :-)

  3. Tiny and lovely. Great work!

    1. Thanks Paul, they are a joy. I'm very impressed with GHQ, they are almost ridiculously affordable, detailed, and have a massive range of figures and vehicles. Were they GHQ ships that you used a while back? I can't remember, but they have a ton of those too!