Thursday, November 29, 2012

Late War SS Panzergrenadier Company

ATTN: Steven!

These are some older works I did right before my internet hobby days. I have featured them in some of my early game reports but never in their own post, they deserve it for all they have been through.

Anyway, Steven of "Sound Officers Call!" blog requested I post some more pictures of these for his upcoming Market Garden project, so here we go!
The Company, I think I still need the MG platoon, and supply train (optional anyway, right?).

1/3 of a platoon.

And here is the squad HQ, you will see that a few of the company members need bases

...and Company HQ

Here is what I have of the mortar platoon.

The majority of the figure are form the excellent Caesar Pzg set 1.

Some more are from the equally excellent Pegasus pzg from set 1, as well as...

Caesar Ardennes set, and....

...the Italeri late war elite set. These are some of the first I painted for the project, I like how the reversible snow suites turned out.

As you can see here, a few more are from various older WW2 sets, scraped together to fill empty TO&E slots

Finally, these 81mm (?) tubes are from the Zvezda small set, and some extra SS-ish figs from the Hat MG set.
I hope this helps and that everyone else enjoyed seeing them!


  1. good to see these oldies Ben. I think you've come along way since then.

    1. Thanks Gowan, I can see that especially in the camouflage patterns. That was before I was camo-OCD!

  2. A 1 to 1 scale company - very impressive work.



    1. Thanks a lot Pete! I'm still missing one platoon, I forget if they are mortars or MGs that I've not done yet. Ill have to check it out sometime and finish this thing.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Phil, the Caesar sets are so easy to paint its amazing!

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  5. Ben,
    Awesome work! I appreciate the help. GIves me an idea how to paint German Camo better.

    Your unit looks pretty good. Since December 16th is coming up, you ought to stage a Battle of the Bulge game with those US GIs and these fellows! That would be fun to see!! Okay okay, I won't be too pushy.

    Thanks for posting!


    1. I'm glad you like them! You don't need to compliment the camo though, these guys were painted before I cared very much; you can do much better, and I think I could now!
      The Battle of the Bulge eh? that would be a fun brake, it would give me a chance to dust off my pair Jagtigers...

    2. Ohhh Jagdtigers eh?? Very nasty stuff there. You'd need few platoons of Shermans and some Tank Destroyers to tangle with those guys...

      I would very much like to play a large Battle of the Bulge game on 16 December. The stand of the 110th Infantry, 28th ID is a particular favorite of mine and I may game that. We shall see...