Friday, November 30, 2012

M1151 with O-GPK

This is one of the latest HMMWVs to be made for the U.S. Armed forces. Now, anyone who is intgerested in modern wargaming in 20mm will know right away that no kit is made of this in plastic at least. I believe there is a Dragon kit with the AC system and other updated features, but the only ones of them I can find are in Australia for an outrageous price.

So what did I do to have this you may ask, conversion is the answer! This has been a somewhat involved project lasting a few evenings and most of yesterday afternoon.
I took the basic Revell TOW Hmmwv, and shaved off the "x" shaped armor on the doors. I then added a plastic sheep to the roof of the truck to represent the extra armor there. But, in the preoces of the last step, I smashed up the windscreen and frame. This was an extra step which worked out well because the front windscreen is more heavily armored than in the kit.

Next up was the Objective Gunner Protection Kit, or (O-GPK). This is an extra armored little turret on top of the truck with a heavier weapon on it. I built this specific model with a roof on it which is just one of tha many options and variations with HMMWV turrets.

I made these with the original TOW turret ring (with the controls and all shaved off) with a card floor on it, like the below picture.

Next up were the walls. These are somewhat thin steel plates with very thick, framed bulletproof windows. decided that I would make the walls from the same card I used earlier, then cut window slots in that then add the clear sheet plastic after it was solid. This resulted in the part seen below the white bit of paper in the picture below.
Next up was the roof part of the turret.  I used a little different method here. I cut the entire assembly out of the clear sheet of plastic, cut out windows from strips of card, then  glued the steel plates on in strips. Oh, I also made an optional, gunner shield on the front. I made this with the same method described above.

Here are some pictures of different angles. Note, I sill had not framed the windows in on the sides.

A test fit.

I then painted the entire model in Khaki with the usual highlights etc.

Hope you like.


  1. I do like them, good work and the shield looks fantastic! I am very impressed with how good the shield looks when it is scratch built.

    1. Thanks Gowan, I'm happy with it, but I would be more happy if a kit existed :D

  2. Really well done Ben, good use of skills all around.

  3. Excellent Work, Ben. Looks like the real deal.

    1. Thanks Steve! I think it could use an extra layer of armor all around it, but I wasn't up to all that after three days of just the turret.

      I actually finished a second one after this, I'll have to post it in the future. This one has the O-GPK w/shield but no roof. To top it all off I put a 40mm AGL in it :D
      It should add a little more protection in an ambush.

  4. Great work there Ben
    Perhaps this will save you a lot of work in the future.
    Just click through the links.

  5. Thanks. Maybe I'll get one (or more) when they're released.