Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Some Previews.

What do you get when you mix strict military tradition, discipline, pride, a bad attitude, and ultra modern military technology? Deutsche Fallschirmjäger of course!

These are Caesar's excellent set of Bundeswehr Infantry. I painted them in a version of "Wüstentarn".
This tough fellow has his name tattooed on his forearm, wow he must be mean! 

A squad leader gives commands to his DM.

More UGL conversions

ISAF and German flag badges

Another shot of the designated rifleman
Now for my US Army rangers, equally tough. These are all painted I just need to base them.
Most of these are from Caesar's Elite US set, and a few are from the Worldwide Special forces set as well. Many are conversions.
DM, rifleman, and GPMGer.

The SAW in the background is a conversion from an M4

Note the IR US flags on shoulder and helmet

My platoon leader: he should be told that the aviator glasses look is form the past...

Sorry we are not Santa.
I would like to direct my fellow modern fans top this near-future release http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/CMH082

Happy thanksgiving as well, I would like to finish some of these modern sets over the break.


  1. loverly work Ben, I must get on and paint up a few more moderns before I buy anything for Older Oronegro.

    What a sad video, the realities of war are cruel especially in this form of conflict. it was C.S.Lewis who is quoted to have said "Total war is the most humane kind" (or something like that) I think he might be right this war of hide and seek, of ambush and counter attack is both bloddy and dangerous.

    your conversions are always excellent. and who says those guys on the roof are not with santa? santa might need some bodyguards like them when he goes visiting certain parts of the world

    1. also just took a look at that link... a guy with a bow? I think its a smart idea, they wont know where the shot came from and if he is able to after killing them he can retrieve his ammunition or just improvise and make some more.

    2. Thanks Gowan. I'm enjoying working on these guys. When I finish them a British platoon may take over the desk for a while. Oh and that new set does look OK, there has been a discussion on the forum about it, I think you are the only person who likes the bow :D

      I actually forgot about the ending of that video (I watched several of them that day), and yes it is very sad to see what is happening. Now the new thing seems to be attacks from infiltrators in the Afghan units. Then of course once they finally do come home they relive this mess all their life.

  2. You got an award! Check it out at http://mytinythings.blogspot.se/2012/11/liebster-award.html