Saturday, November 17, 2012

ISAF Platoon of the 11th Luchtmobiele Brigade, Dutch Army

Yes I got them finished finally. My last post lays out the details of my project so I'll get right to it.

I got the TO&E from the FoF Enduring Freedom book I got at the Fall In! hobby show flea market, so that's what inspired me.
The whole platoon

The Eerste-Luitenant and Opperwachtmeester

One fireteam of each squad contains a Panzerfaust-3 gunner, the other contains a combat medic.

The rest of the squad is much like the US equivalent, 2xSAW, 2xUGL, and two team leaders. The difference is that one team leader acts as squad leader, rather than the US version in which the squad leader is independent of an individual team, naturally I would imagine all this TOE junk goes out the window when in a real operation.

I'm finally satisfied with a version of DPM, very difficult stuff to paint until I got a routine down.

This now clears up my hobby life to work on my next projects:
a) US Army ranger platoon in UCP (I had a great preview picture set up when my camera told me its battery was "exhausted."
b) Finally finish the rest of my French platoon
c) continue with my latest-an ISAF Bundeswehr Fallschirmj√§ger platoon
d) that pesky PLA platoon
and e) a British ISAF platoon.

Have a good night, or day-comments are welcome as always.


  1. Thanks you both very much! I know they aren't 100%, but it feels like it was a lot of work to finish them. Glad you like them.

  2. wonderful work. I barely understand all this complicated command structure stuff. I was so much better with the roman set up (hense why Oronegro's is based off it) but the modern set up is so complicated and confusing.

    the dutch look very proffesional I think and for a smaller nation have a really formidible looking army.

  3. The Roman setup seems very clear cut, but I've always wondered why a "Century" [cent=100] only contains 80 men? Or am I making that one up?

    Most modern TOE stuff isn't too bad either, a platoon is typically led by a Lieutenant, each squad by a sergeant I believe, then the squad is divided into two or three "fireteams." That way, each squad can designate a unit (fireteam) to perform specific tasks, such as covering fire or suppression fire, or a charge etc, while the other team performs another. I wish I knew more about this stuff, but that's about all I've picked up over the years. Oh, by the way, I'm a nerd...

    1. I think ben that the century used to be 100 legionaries. I think it was the reforms under Gias Marius that changed that. also the Roman system divided the groups into small sub groups of 8 men.., however there is evidence of the old system decimation seems to show that the century was based more one the number 10 than 8

  4. Ziet er mooi uit kerel! We zitten nu met 13D in Kunduz en ik kijk met jaloezie naar je miniaturen! Lt Auke.

  5. Awesome! Het is leuk om te horen van het "veld". Ik ben blij dat je mijn cijfers, maar wees veilig in de strijd, ik kijk uit naar de dag dat alle troepen naar huis te gaan. Bedankt voor uw service, en God zegene. Ben.

  6. Great idea with the conversion to add the bipods!

  7. Thanks you sir, I've got a few more conversions on the way, Bundeswehr Flaschirmjager Zug, woo hoo! :D