Monday, December 10, 2012

Compilation of Updates!

Here is a bunch of the stuff I've been working on (a very technical sentence).

I finished a second up-armored/armed HMMWV. This one has the Mk19 40mm automatic grenade launcher in the O-GPK instead of the M2 HMG.
A very disturbing picture...

Here is the other one. This is an ANA HMMWV with an Orion DshKa AA gun in the bed. Pictured beside the truck is one of the ANA special forces platoon members I'm working on sporadically. 

I added aerials to my Strykers while I was in the modernizing mood. 
I built this FoV kit a long while back. It is intended for early in the Iraq war, so it doesn't have all the bells and whistles associated with the current versions fielded. So I added them.
CROWS, MG shield for the tank gunner, and barrel mounted M2. As well as some fancy ERA for the sides fashioned from balsa strips. I didn't have the courage to add the bar armor to the rear

British Army platoon
I painted only a couple more figures for the platoon, but these include changes in my technique for MTP. I reverted to using my old method for multicam here

You may also note that each figure has a squad net mouthpiece or whatever they are. This is a new feature of my painting along with my Bundeswehr with wraparound shades.

I love camo, so I couldn't help but flaunt this old style desert DMP rucksack on the running pose.
I have builded me an compound
Yes, it had to come sometime, no FoF player can go without. I say no more.
It is actually big, imagine for scale purposes, my HMMWV which fits perfectly through the gate.


  1. very nice work Ben. the compound is my favourite, I assume the roofs come off... the figs and AFV's are also very nice, but as an architectual type the building gets my favour, very nice painting and modernising on your bunch of stuff

  2. Thanks Gowan. I have enjoyed working on the compound. If I ever get around to playing a game with it I'll take some more closeups.
    I used piece of a bulletin board as the base and Styrofoam for the walls. Once I finished the walls I filled in gaps and roughed them up with air dry clay. I'm happy with the result. I have enough stuff to make at least one more, so maybe over Christmas brake :D

    1. airdrying clay... now there is something I need to try. another one would certainly be cool a multiple objective situation perhaps. anyay best of luck with any on-going projects you have and I hope your enjoying the christmas season

    2. I answered everything but the question you asked! SO yes the roofs come of as well as the second story.
      Airdry clay is very nice I learned how to work with it. Often the clay won't stick unless you cover the thing in wood type glue before sculpting onto it. Also another coat of glue is necessary once you're done because it is very brittle without it.

  3. Lots of stuff! I like them Ben. :)

    1. Thanks Thanos! Thankfully I've had some extra time to catch up on the miniature world. Your blog has inspired me to work on terrain lately.

  4. OMG this turret on HMMWS is great post a tutorial please or teemplates with the dimensions and materials to make my own... please
    congratulations very cool idea

  5. You got a lot to do Ben! But that compound is eyecatching! Nice work!