Friday, February 1, 2013

Breaking the Mould of Soviet Platoon Commanders: NO Pistol Waving Here!

Slow progress with my Cold War.

This is the little project I started in my brain about three weeks ago. The contestants are the Soviets and US Army: the scene is Western Europe: the time is ~1955. My Soviets are conversions of the new Zvezda WW2 Soviets armed with Orion and Mars/ESCI AKs, RPG-2s, and RPDs, and as of today a SVT-40 sniper variant.

I have been a little busy lately with real life and haven’t quite had enough free time for minis. Happily this weekend in shaping up to be a nice brake, so there may be more progress as in today.

This progress involved converting and priming squad 2 as well as the platoon “Comrade Commander” the end of last week. Then I converted Squad 3 today. This was a trial. My main trouble came from trying to mix the epoxy glue. The cheap bottle seems to squirt out uneven amounts of resin and hardener, plus it is just plain old. I need a newer/better bottle of glue.

These are the only two I painted today: the commander and his sniper.  The sniper is armed with an SVT-40 which I modified with a Mosin scope to make a somewhat more suitable post-war sniper rifle. I got to paint MKK on the shirt of the sniper, this will be the only I plan on using in the platoon. The commander is from the Italeri Tank Hunter team.

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Thanks for looking, guys!

He turned out grainy.


  1. nice work so far. I hope you can get better apoxy glue soon. I just came back from Prefect camp, I am co head of the cultural portfolio at our school. So I too have had a busy week what with laneway, year 9 powhiri and then the 2 day camp. my poor miniatures are looking a little upset by my lack of action but as school becones I guess that they will need to get used to it...

    ... I hope that you too can find this weekend very productive. best of luck with the soviets and also on the US guys. I must say its going to be interesting to see what you come up with for this "what if" era.

    1. Thanks Gowan! Too bad about the sad miniatures :D
      Being successful in school is definitely worth it though, as I'm sure you know.

      And I have found this project to be quite fun so far, I may need to work on it a little more today!

    2. best of luck with the painting. of coarse school is very important, just getting all the things sorted so that tomorrow will go well.

  2. Lovely work, Ben!!! These guys are awesome. I love the officer with the AK and the sniper is great too.

    For your US troopers, are you going to arm them with M14s? That conversion will be tricky - you might be able to make it happen from WWII M1 Garands adding a box mag to them (maybe from the German Gewehr rifle from the italeri elite german forces box?) That will look pretty sweet on the tabletop - M113s and M48 Patton tanks fighting it out against T55/T62 and BTR50 and BTR152! Hurry up! Your fans want more!

    1. Thanks Steven!
      The US guys will have little to no conversion. Since I'm sticking to early '50s, I can get away with that, but thanks for the tips! That Pegasus USMC box has several M14 arms in it as well, in case I ever go later in the war.
      I'm already ahead of you in the tank department :D
      One JS3 is finished, and I'll start on my Pegasus M-47 soon. BTR-152s will probably be a future addition, and I can use my M3 tracks that I already have from WW2 with my US! Exciting times!