Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mid-Week Update

Here are the few things I finished recently. As you see, a mix of scales, but all for the near east.

The first is the good old Marder from Revell. I painted it in a real camo scheme that I saw in a modelling magazine.I left the TOW launcher off because the reference photos I saw from Afghanistan didn't have one, only the empty rig. I can also use this against Iranians if necessary :D

Mercedes in the background...

Next up is S&S Models's M-ATV (Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected-All Terrain Vehicle). This as usual is an OK kit. My biggest problem with S&S is that there is no way for them to cast open windows, this leaves us who can't do the "gem" effect with the option of spending hours drilling out the windows and rebuilding them, or painting them gloss green...I chose the former and am happy with the result.

I like how the camera turned out on the ROWS

GPMG team. Chicken in the background...

Finally, 6mm Village. These are generic Middle East village houses I built from chunks of dense foam stuff. I know that for Afghanistan and Iraq walled compounds would be more suitable, so I may add walls in the future.


  1. nice work Ben. a nice mix of stuff there. good work and I hope the walls are easy to make also.

  2. Ben,
    Gotta make walls. Lots of em, especially for Iraq. I spent many a wonderful patrol moving over, under, or around those stupid Iraqi cinder block walls. (some of which will just fall over if you push hard enough or tap it with a humvee) Rural Iran would have many of them in populated areas as well.


  3. Thank you both!

    Gowan: I hope so as well, it will be hard finding something in this scale that will be stable enough. Any suggestions?

    Steve: I had read about the hard time the Marines had in Ramadi with the block after block of wall-mazes. I'll do a little more research before I attempt them. Thanks for the info!

    1. My experience is all from the Al-Taji area north of Baghdad up to Tarmiyah. Take a look at google or bing maps at Tarmiyah if you want an ideal Sunni insurgent stronghold. Ramadi is the same too. Both very nasty, nasty places for GIs.

      Nice work.

    2. I looked it up, it is very rough looking. It didn't even look like most of the roads were paved. I can't imagine living in those conditions...