Friday, May 24, 2013

SEALs and Syrians!

Here is a little project I'm almost done with (need to finish basing).
These are made for early in the Afghan war, and could be used throughout the late '90s I assume.
Have a good week!
L-R: SAW, Captain, Rifleman, Rifleman

Grenadier, DMR w/M14, M240, Rifleman

Rifleman, DMR, Grenadier, Asst/Gunner w/MP5
The MG team. Lots of small scale firepower here!

Two of my favorites
Here is the ltest batch of SCW figures as well as a group shot of all that I've finished.

M16 sniper, and grenadier with G36


  1. the US guys are great! and the Syrians look great also. How varied is the rebels equipment? I never would have thought that they'd have G36's. then again it is a common weapon so perhaps I should not be overly surprised.

    1. To be honest, I have not seen a fighter with a G36 yet. I have though seen at least two different photos with F88, several with the M16 sninper version, and have heard of American Muslims fighting there with civillian M4s. With so many jihadists there from Europe I'm sure there must be a G36 somewhere!
      Thanks for looking.

    2. The man with the G36 must be tracked down and found.... then I have no clue what to do probably run before he comes after us.

      it does sound very varied and interesting, this conflict certainly has drawn in people from all over.