Saturday, June 1, 2013

54mm memories

Steve at SOUND OFFICERS CALL blog has recently been tempted back into 54mm wargaming the American Civil War. This brought back some memories of my own from a few years ago doing much the same thing...
Here are some photos of most of my collection as well as some shots from an outdoor game or two.
I have eight bags of 30 figures each organized for "regiments."
A sampling of the figures: (L-R) Marx recast, CTS, BMC, and Accurate recast
One of my "regiments." These are some tough, mean Texans!!! Will someone PLEASE tell me where my patience went???
The extent of my Confederate infantry forces. These are three completed regiments based on balsa sheet.
My Yankee Col.
I think this is all I finished of my Union forces.

And for good measure, here are some of my other collections.
WW2 US: (L-R) TSSD, BMC, TSSD (back), Conte, and Conte Para.
My WW2 box. There are about three layers of unpainted US, British, German, Russian, and Japanese here.

Various British colonials 
ditto, as well as some Sudanese and Afghans.
Here is a shot of a short-lived War of 1812 project. Some Creek Indians, Brits, and US Marines are some of the figs on top. 
Have a good weekend.


  1. Ben,
    Thank you, kind sir! These pics are DRAW DROPPING! Seriously. The one with the officer holding the revolver at the edge of the Rebel ramparts is one of the absolute BEST toy soldier pics I've ever seen. Same with the cannon firing at the rebs coming up the draw.

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful work and so inspiring!!!!!! These babies started it all for me. How can I not get back into 54mm in some way, shape or form??? Thanks for more great inspiration.

  2. You know if you ever felt so inclined, that officer with the revolver would make an excellent "cover photo" for your blog or facebook page! Really shows some amazing talent.

    The bigger troopers take more talent I think because the imperfections show up better on them. I can't stress enough how impressed I am. Thanks again for posting.


  3. I'm glad you like them! I was really into 54s for a few years until I got interested in moderns. Of course now that a few moderns are available in 54mm it may be fun to play with them again.
    Outdoor games always have some really cool picture opportunities, and this series has always been one of my favorites.
    Good luck with the larger scale!

  4. Wow! These are awesome! Thanks for posting the pictures on your blog.

  5. Thanks, Brian. These take so much more work than 20mm, more than I care to give them any lately,but the result is always impressive!

  6. Hello Ben. I am collecting ACW figures in 54mm as well. So far, I have the Conte ACW (4 sets- 2 Union, 2 Confed.) All the Marx, Accurate, Call To Arms, Timpo, TSSD (all), CTS (all), Andy Gard, Cunnyngham, Ideal, Britains, X Force (most, waiting on the Artillery, $30...?) etc. And 1 day, a huge battlefield. Pictures will be sent to every gallery. Carl, LI, NY